Tuna, wasabi, courgette & cabbage Melange – P

 Tuna , wasabi , courgette and cabbage melange

Ingredients :

2 tuna steaks


1 tbsp sesame seeds

1 tsp wasabi ( you can have more if you like is really hot)

1 lime juice and zest

Olive oil


1 Chinese cabbage shredded

Handful shiitake mushrooms sliced finely

1 tbsp tahini



1) Mix wasabi, lime juice and zest , olive oil salt and pepper

2)Cut courgettes into discs 1 cm thick – cover with wasabi mix – stir fry until golden brown and soft and remove from pan.

3) Sauté cabbage and mushrooms when getting soft add sesame seeds cook out a bit longer add tahini and 2 tbsp water and season to taste.

4) Heat some coconut oil  in a frying pan and sear the tuna, add the courgettes to the pan.

5) Serve  the tuna sliced on the cabbage mix and courgettes .