Lemon Merinugue Pie – P/V


250g digestive biscuits ( I use Mcvites)

150g butter ( I use Jersey slightly salted butter)

Lemon Curd: (1/4)




Lemons juiced ( save the zest for biscuits or dressing )

Meringue :

Egg Whites  ( save the yolks for hollandaise or biscuits)



Base ….

1)Crush biscuits either in a bag with a rolling pin or other solid object using brute force!! If you are lucky enough and not in need of a stress reliever then either a food processor or food mixer will do the job.  Crush until you have what looks like fine breadcrumbs.

Melt butter.

Mix the butter and biscuits together.

Put the mix inthe base of a pie dish or pop out tin, make little walls so you are left with a “pool ” in the middle for lemon mix, press it all down really hard so it is cimpacted and put in the fridge to set.

Lemon Curd …….

  1. Butter and sugar – melt on stove in  pan.
  2. Add lemon juce and mix throughly till combined.
  3. Add eggs and mix
  4. Cook over the gentle heat whilst whisking the mixture until it begins to bubble and thicken – the texture will change too then remove from heat.
  5. Put through a sieve or chinois and place in the fridge to cool.

Italian Meringue

1)Put the sugar in a pan and add enough water so the sugar is dissolved . Clean the endges of the pan and put on a high heat.

2) Whisk the egg whites with and electric whisk until it reaches peaks and it white.

3) Cook sugar until ?C , the sugar will start to cook differntyl the bubbles slow down and move differently, as soon as the colour at the edge goes from clear to slight colour take off the heat – you need to move quickly.

4) Electric whisk on high  whislt pouring the sugar into the egg whites – it is cooking them using the heat – continue with the whisk untilt he meringue cools.


Put Lemon curd into the biscuit base ( if you ahve any left you can use it on toast , in ice cream, yoghurt and loads of other things), set in the fridge for a little if not quite set.

Put the meringue in a piping bag – or use a spoon, and place on top of the lemon curd – you can be as fancy or not as you like.

Use a blow torch and brown off the meringue.

Cut into portions and serve – eating a whole one would be a special achievement !

As everything is made fresh and the meringuie is stable ( Italian mernigue is the most stable of all of them – so it wont colapse of leak ) it will last for 5 days in the fridge.