Green Juice – the addictive one!

Morning Green Juice

Serves : Me ( piggy ) 1-2pints
               Mum – 1 glass
The serving size changes as the size of the cucumbers etc change.
2 Cucumbers
1 lime ( peeled)
1 lemon ( peeled)
Thumb of Tumeric Root
2Handfulls baby spinach
Coconut Water ( no sugar added !!) about 300ml – enough to thin the juice down
1 tablespoon wheat grass powder
1 tablespoon RAW green powder
Now some days i change my green powders so that my body does not get used to having the same thing , or I run out of one !
Method :
1) Place the lemon and lime in the blender with the coconut water and blend.
2)Add everything else and blend until smooth
3)I pass mine through a chinous ( sieve ) but you can drink it as it is if you prefer.
Mix up your ingredients – Try :
* Celery ( the only reason we don’t use it in this  is it gives mum indegestion but I  eat about half a celery head a day so I am not missing out )
*Kale , Lettuce ( dark green ) , any green leaves , soft herbs
*Chilli ( in the winter good for a kick )
*Ginger Root