Chicken , Basil and Sundried Tomatoe Salad – P


Chicken, Basil and Sundried Tomatoe Salad

Ingredients :

2 chicken breasts in strips

1 pack tender stem brocilli, ends off and halved

1 large handful fresh basil leaves off the stems and torn into pieces

2 tbsp pine nuts

2tblsp sun dried tomatoes- chopped

1 bag baby spinach

1 handful black olive chopped


1) Heat a pan up until really hot  -( wok best)  add splash of oil and sauté chicken until brown on all sides.

2) Add broccoli and keep moving round pan until almost cooked ( 5 minutes)

3) Add pine nuts and cook for 2 minutes

4) Add half the basil and sun dried tomatoes

5) Serve over spinach mixed with the olives and remaining basil.