Traditional Meringues


Traditional Meringues

Makes approx 30Nr rounds heaped tablespoon size.


3 egg whites

1tsp lemon juice

1tsp vanilla seeds ( optional )

150g caster sugar ( you can use granualted if you don’t have castor)

Method :

Oven – 90C / Gas 1/4 / 195F

  1. Put the egg whites, vanilla and lemon juice in the bowl of an electric mixer and whisk until the whites have more than doubled in size and can hold peaks.
  2. Whilst the whisk is still moving fast add the sugar a spoon at a time.  Keep whisking until all the sugar is in the whites and the whites are glossy.
  3. Put baking parchment on baking trays either pipe or spoon the whites into whichever shapes you prefer depending on your use.
  4. Bake for a minium of few hours ( if the shapes are thin and flat ) up to over night – they are ready when they come off the paper easily and are crisp and not sticky in the middle. I normally just leave mine overnight on about 80C to make sure they are properly dried out!
  5. These can keep for weeks in an airtight container at room temperature.


There are so many uses for meringues from simple nests , traditional Eton mess, cream shells , a variety of sundaes and other desserts – experiment with different flabour and texture combintaions.  They are handy to keep as a go to base for quick and easy desserts, dont throw out any broken ones either as these are great in Eton mess or with ice cream!

NB :

Make sure that the bowl and whisk are very clean and free from grease – any contaminant will stop the whites from reaching peaks properly.

Do not be tempted to turn the oven up as it will brown the merinuges and can make them leaky – they wont look or taste as nice.