Recipe Library

Here is a selection of my recepies – whilst i might choose to follow a certain eating style ( i hate the word diet !) it is not for me to preach what is the right or wrong thing – although I will share my opinion and reasons for choosing what I choose at some point I am by no way preaching.

For this reason I still do cook a variety of foods and food types and I would  like to share everything not just what passes my lips 🙂

This means the best of both worlds as I like to try and incorporate what I like to eat with what my friends and family like ( which are very different lol) thsi way no one misses out, and I get to carry on cooking !

Originally i was going to split the recepies into heaven and hell or angle and demon categories  – I have choosen against this in the end as I believe in balance and want to encourage people to cook and enjoy it not tell you what you should be eating thats something we all choose for ourselves using the information we have.

Anyway I hope you enjoy them, any comments or questions just shout!

To help those with special requirements I’ll use the follwing letters for recepies suitable for :

CE = Clean Eating

VV= Vegan

V= Vegetarian


GF = Gluten Free

DF= Dairy Free

R = Raw