Poached Pears with walnuts and cinnamon yoghurt

Ingredients :

2 pears

1 vanilla pod

1tblsp honey

1 lime/lemon

150g greek yoghurt

2tsp ground cinammon

40g walnuts broken.

Method :

  1. Peel, half and core pears place in a pan and just cover with water. Add vanilla, honey and lime.  Put on high heat and bring to the boil.  Cook until a knife goes through easily and the colour has changed to become more opaque.
  2. Remove the pears from the pan and put to one side to cool. Optional –  Keep on boiling the water down until you make a syrup.
  3. Mix the cinnamon and greek yoghurt.
  4. Serve the pears with the walnuts and cinnamon yogurt( and if you made it a little syrup ).