Peashoot Salad with Soft Sweet Potatoes and Seabass


150g pea shoots

100g cooked  and chilled french beans

1 Courgette – topped and tailed then peeled into thin strips

1 sweet potatoe  – peeled and then peeled into thin strips or julienned finely

bunch spring onions – topped tailed and cut into half lengthways then quarters

1″ ginger chopped finely

2tblsp soy sauce

1tblsp seasme seed oil

2 sea bass fillets

1tblsp olive oil

1tsp coconut oil

salt and pepper.



  1. Heat up a pan and a wok.
  2. Put the coconut oil and sweet potatoe in the wok keep moving until soft
  3. Whilst the potatoe is cooking,mix the pea shoots , spring onions, french beans  and courgettes.
  4. Then mix the seasme oil,. ginger and soy sauce , season with salt and pepper and put over the pea shoots, mix until th eleaves are covered and put on a plate.
  5. Rub the bass with olive oil and season , place skin side down in the pan and cook for a few min utes until nealry cooked through, then turn and complete cooking for a few minutes.
  6. Put the sweet potatoe on top of the pea shoots and then top with the bass.2016-05-03 18.30.54-1