Cod wrapped in Parma ham with balsamic roasted mushrooms and courgettes


2 cod fillets

2 slices parma ham

300g cougettes

300g mushrooms

1tblsp olive oil

salt and pepper

2tbslp balsamic.


Oven 220C

  1. Cut the mushrooms and courgettes into bite size pieces, put in an oven tray with the olive oil and balsamic and rub all over them , season with salt and pepper. put in the oven ( 30 minutes)
  2. wrap the cod in a piece of parma ham and season with pepper.
  3. Put the cod in the oven 10 minutes before the veg will be ready.
  4. Remove both and serve cod on top of vegetables.


NB – if you think it wont be enough volume get a few handfuls of baby spinach and place under the vegetables.