Beef with Asparagus – P

Beef with Asparagus

Ingredients :

2beef fillets – each cut into 2 discs and seasoned

1 bunch asparagus – remove wooden ends ( approx 1/2 -1inch) rub with olive oil and salt and pepper.

1 red onion – chop finely

1/2 cucumber diced 1cm cubes

1cm fresh horseradish grated very finely

1 tblsp tahini paste

1 tsp honey

Handful walnuts chopped


1)Pan on heat til red hot, put in beef then asparagus.

Let beef colour on one side the turn over keep turning asparagus so it does not burn.

2) Cook for approx 3 minutes each side on the beef  – or cooked to your liking remove from pan and rest. Keep on cooking asparagus until tender .

3) Whilst asparagus is cooking mix together onion , cucumber, horseradish, tahini, onion and walnuts and split between 2 plates.

4) Serve steak and asparagus on top of the salad.