I am really good about talking about everything else apart from myself! That said I will  give it a go.

I was born in Jersey Channel Islands, and had a pretty ordinary childhood.

I have a younger brother and when we were younger we were often mistaken for twins – we are still very close.

Both myself and my brother were taught to cook from a very early age by my mum, I think this is where my passion was born!

To this day my mum still bakes a lot and cooks fresh food everyday.

Living on an island surrounded by so much amazing fresh produce with a mother who loved to cook and a father who was orginally a fisherman it was pretty hard to escape something I had grown to love.

I work full for the family business which started in 1978 by my father , most of my work is office based which can be very tedious and my mind always wonders to food – cooking and eating too !

As everyone does there have been ups and downs in my life.  Right now  I am happy with my life and feel great most of the time – I am only human 100% is simply not possible!

My diet is mostly vegetables and fruit.  I am expermenting  with raw / vegan / vegetarian fare which is challenging but so satisfying as it is not how I learnt so there have been quite a few fails so far – but thats how you learn , practice makes perfect!

I still cook meat, fish and animal products for friends and family and I am not saying I will never eat it – just not so much right now!  It really all is about balance andf trying to improve every day, those tiny changes make a big differance over longer periods of time i think about  some of the things i used to eat and the things I used to do and if i had seen what I was doing now I would have laughed at myself !

I guess you could say I have a  little food obsession, but there are worse things to be obsessed by !!

Feel free to ask me anything and I’ll try my best to answer, any recipes you would like to see please let me know  and I will see what I can do – I have so many but most of them are on scraps of paper – old school.

One last thing… I am not a great writer.  I am  known for waffling .  I am not great with punctuation or spelling so I shall apologise for that in advance, afterall its not really what I am here for – I just want to talk about food so if the delivery is slightly off as long as the message is delivered I am happy 🙂

Hope you Enjoy






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