Raw “Mayonnaise”

I had an obsession with Mayonnaise – I say had because I have it occasionally now but very rarely if I am out,  whereas I used to have it with everything!

With all the changes I was making about a year ago I knew that I could not carry on eating it in the volumes I was if I wanted to keep getting fitter and healthier and so to start with I just cut down on how much I was eating – reducing the amount a little every time – but i was still eating it with most things.

So then I decided I needed to come up with a healthier alternative so I would not have to restrict it as I liked the stuff far too much !

I was doing the raw course with Kate Magic last year and  my prayers were answered when she made a raw Mayonaise , since then I have played with the recepie and made what I now use instead of Mayonaise if I ever want it when I am home!

Since then I have actually managed slowly to work the mayonaise we know and love out of my diet pretty much totally.  If it is on something in a restaurant I dont make a fuss and send it back or if I fancy some with  something then I have it, but I can honestly say I have not had any at home for a very long time – I am not sure I even have any in the cupboard!

That said it was not easy to remove it , I think  I was pretty much addicted to it and so I am happy that is no longer the case…. If I can do it anyone can …. I think slowly is the answer I am not one for cold turkey – although it might work for some people.

The great thing is now that I have an alternative it is not so bad.  I also have not said to myself that I can never eat it again – as I know pyschologically that will just make me want the stuff again !

My next challenge is to convince my dad to ditch the Hellmans most of the time and try this – it takes a while to get used to as you are used to all the artificial stuff in the packet stuff but once you do it’s great !

I made this at the weekend so post with recipe to follow.


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