Big Vern’s – Jersey

16 04 2016

Early dinner at  Big Vern’s Jersey and beautiful weather to go with it !

It was a great end to a busy day in the kitchen playing around… as it was lovely outside so headed out West for a walk and as always I was hungry.

Few items on the menu which are of interest to me – I have never had a salad there so I thought I would give it a go, I  had the Goats cheese salad.

We sat outside as the weather was so nice and behind the wall by the sea it was nice and warm.

The waitress brought the food out when it was ready and found us hiding behind the wall, service with a smile – always makes me happy !

The one thing I still never understand is the queing system here – in the summer or when it is busy it is a nightmare as you have to queue at the till  to order, the queue often goes the whole way out the door and outside which is no fun for whoever is queing especially if you only fancy a drink!

Anyway back to the food I was pretty happy , the Goats cheese was warm and nicely glazed on the outside although 1 slice would have been plenty for me.  All the other ingredients were super fresh ( which is not a given btw !!).  I had to add a load of seasoning as there didnt appear to be much. I loved the chutney and coleslaw.  The only thing I didnt really like was the avocado was not ripe – I would always prefer it if i didnt get one than have an un ripe one its what puts me off them in the first place ( I am only starting to eat them as I know they are good for me!).

As it goes really like the place, the staff and the food and I will definately be back over the summer as its a great place for a relaxed bite and to catch up with friends or fill up after enjoying some sport or R & R on the beach!IMG_4922



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