The First Dinner

So this evening it was Rainbow Trout with stir fried Jersey Royals ( it would be rude not to they are so tasty at the moment especially the ones from L’Etacq ) with mushrooms and tenderstem brocilli – nothing fancy, just fresh food full of flavour.

To follow I made a simple dish of Vanilla Roasted Plums with Greek Yoghurt.

Overall it went down pretty well, mum loved it and ate it all.

Dad was not so keen on the Brocolli and said its like eating a tree… He did actually try it though so I cannot complain and I wont give it to him again, and he ate everything else.( I kinda knew he doesn’t like it but I have given it to him before and he has eaten it so thought it was worth a go as it is so good for you and versatile – anyway tried and failed ).

Dessert went down a storm and at the end of the day he was full and said he  could not eat anymore…I hope it carries on as sure if the next 3 weeks go like this and he sticks with  me he will feel amazing and we carry on with the lifestyle change and forget the word diet ever existed in this house- fingers crossed!

The links to recipes are coming !



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