Sneaky Sweet Treats

I got home last night and I wanted something sweet – recently I have been thinking about how I can make treats that are relatively quick and easy to put together that could give me the sweet taste I was looking for.

I have always had a sweet tooth and I don’t think this is about to change anytime soon.  The solution is not to try and change it but to make things I can eat which are not full of crap and will still satisfy me!

So I thought after the sucess of the peanut butter and chocolate treats last week ( so much so I have eaten them all ), I thought I  would try something fruity, sweet , crunchy and cookie dough like… and it worked – once I have my ice cream machine up and working again these are so going in some ice cream like coookie dough mmm !

Dad tried one and said they are a bit wet but not bad ( thats almost a compliment coming from him !). I think i might play with it a little and instead of wet fresh fruit some dried things might work better and last longer too….

So I am not sure really sure what to call these one but I guess Raspberry and Cacoa Cookie Dough Bites about sums it up!

Recipe to follow 🙂


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