Weight Loss Mission

Not for me but for my Dad.

It has been an ongoing battle for years now and the opportunity to tackle it has arisen !

My brother is away for 3 weeks and that means the fridge can be emptied of all temptation and I am going to cook for mum and dad during the week to see if we can find out what the problem is – its either the current eating habits or a health issue stopping weight loss and causing other health related issues.

Its a bit of a challenge for me because its always harder to deal with family as they know the right buttons to press to try and get what they awant and are more likely to question what you are saying or ignore it entirely!

I am going to log what I feed him over the period of time and hopefully he shoud feel better and loose some weight, if it really works then his blood pressure should also drop and he shoud have plenty more energy – thats the theory anyhow!

Mum and dads food will be slightly different as mum is not a fan of eggs or meat whilst dad is!  Other than that it will be juice first thing ( mum will drink green juice dad wont  he will have something else).  I will do a packed lunch salad or chilled items and snacks for during the day and for the evening I will cook dinner.

I am hopeful that this can work as I want both of them around for a long time and I think health begins with diet!

Any suggestions as to make this as easy for my dad as possible are welcome !



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  1. So so so proud to be able to update you guys on my Dad’s progress – he is doing really well and for the first time in over 15years he is below 100kg which is simply amazing !

    It has been an experiance which is by no means ending , there have been ups and plenty of downs but plenty of progress made !

    I am working on plenty of updates coming your way with the food we have been muching on which have achieved these results – within the next few weeks or so it will be back to normal service with regular recipie postings after the web silence from me with everything still going on behind the scenes!

    Have a great weekend guys x


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