Portlet Bay Cafe

13 04 2016

First things first it was a lovely day perfect calm weather and I was reminded how lucky I am to live in Jersey on the walk down to the cafe !

The second thing was the food was great … A selection of pizzas is avaliable all the bases are made on site and cooked in the bespoke wood fired ovens.

My friend had a pizza which she said was lovely and I opted for the Goats cheese and beetroot salad with pine nuts and pesto dressing… It looked as pretty as a picture and tasted pretty good too. Sometimes the portion of goats cheese is massive to compensate for lack of flavour and texture in the dish – this is not the case here the salad was well balanced and tasty with just the right amount of cheese relative to the rest of the ingredients ( all very fresh ).  It  was dressed lightly which is always good , as I am not a fan of dry salad – or the other way when they are drenched in far too much dressing and the leaves go soggy . The goats cheese and squash were warmed through  and the beetroots were just right.

All in all one of the nicest salads I have eaten out in Jersey for a  little while!


Mention the word dessert and I always have to see the menu even if I am not having anything – old habits die hard and I am nosy !

As it happens I did choose to have something and shared it with my friend – reason was aside from the normal things on a dessert menu there was a vegan pecan nut tart. I think it would have been rude not to … I am very glad we tried it as it was pretty good.  The only thing I wasn’t sure on was the dried rose  petals sprinkled on the top – this is personal choice as I have never liked the taste much but they do look pretty.

I will definitely be having this again if it is on the menu – it’s so refreshing to be able to go somewhere locally and have something sweet to end a meal and not feel guilty for doing so – I look forward to seeing more of this becoming available  locally !


A little note for anyone who went last year when it was a BYOB Cafe  and was thinking of taking a bottle with them when they pay a visit – they now have their 3rd Catergory restaurant licence.  So are are now selling alcohol this means you can’t bring your own anymore ( save you walking all the way down there and back with it!).

The last thing before I go they are also super dog friendly – and this makes me very happy and will do the same for any other dog lover!

Thumbs up to Portlet Bay Cafe , a strong start to the season in my humble opinion , I look forward to more of the same 😊

Portlet Bay Cafe
Email : info@portletbaycafe.com
Tel : 01534 728550




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