Not Resses ! Peanut Butter & Chocolate Heaven

So where do I start – I hated penanut butter up until about 18 months ago – the only way I would eat it was if I amde satay sauce – aside from that you could keep the stuff yuck ! However over time my taste buds are chaning and I have to admit I love the stuff now and it is right out the jar everyday!

About 3 months ago a friend of mine introduced me to Resses Peanut Butter cups – a fire was lit it was bloody gorgeous; I could have eaten loads of them  if there had of been more.

To cut a long story short I have been trying to re create a healthier version for me to treat myself with and its been fun but I think I am finally there – well I  like them anyway.

There is one downside in that they need to be kept in the freezer or they just get soft and squidy – I will try and conquer that and make one evetually that can just be kept cool but this will work for me for now – especially as I am finding it hard not to eat them all – having to thaw them a little is helping me hold back a little 😉


So recipe to follow in the next few days so you can give it a go too !


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