Meringue and Cream Shells

Meringue and cream are 2 of the things that my nan loves.

Whilst they are certainly not a healthy treat it makes it more likely that she will eat and I have to agree with her that at her age she can eat what the hell she wants, and if it so happens to include a lot of sweet treats then good for her !

I also get a lot of pleasure out of making things that I know she will enjoy eating and even if I don’t get to see her as often as I would like it lets her know that I love her very much !

These meringues are the traditonal ones whisked up and baked in the oven on a very low heat.

They are very versatile and can be stored for weeks in a air tight container at room temperature.

If you would like to pipe but have run out or dont have a piping bag and or nozzle – no need to fret – use a sandwich / freezer bag – tie up one corner like in the picture and fill into one corner – snip this one and use as you would a normal piping bag – yes its a little more tricky and harder to control – but its better than nothing !


To get them the way  my nan like them I piped them into small circles and left them baking overnight until they were dried out completely.

Melted some chocolate and dipped in the flat side of the meringue, then sandwiched with a spoon of chantilly cream and sat them in paper cake cases!

Mum said Nan asked had I bought them  as they looked like I had all looking pretty in their cases.  I gather the neighbours were happy with the extras to try too !

The recipe is here if you would like to try them :

Traditional Meringues



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