My Green Juice Addiciton

“How can you drink that muck ? “IMG_4842
“That stinks! “
“Whats that rubbish you are drinking ?
“You are not a rabbit / goat / cow ( replace with any animal which eats grass or green stuff) what are you doing that for ?”
“It can’t be good for you all that  “
“You will get sick drinking that trust me”
“Why are you on a diet ?”
“You need some proper food in you!”
Seriously I have heard it all – a whole pack of negativity since I started this life “chapter” almost a  year ago.
I was on my way in my fitness and health journey already  when I decided to sign up to do a RAW food course hosted by Katy Pierce ( Moo Jersey ) , and taken by Kate Magic ( world renownd Raw Fooder).  Actually as is typically Rachel I ummed and ahhed alot and couldn’t make up my mind if I could fit it in round work, if it was a good idea etc etc. One day I went for it and signed up and could not undo it ! ( I don’t normally put myself in sitautuions where i have to meet loads of new people all in one go and I never take time off work so this was well out of my comfort zone )
The reason I wanted to do it was to learn more about the RAW food movement, and if I could utilize any the theory to improve myself inside and out – all of which I can tell you some other time.
Right now this is about green juice and how much I love, love, love the stuff !
I normally drink this every morning now ( aside from Sunday ) and could not imagine a being without it for a long period of time ( in fact it was a worry when I went on holiday that i couldn’t have it  – but thats another post entirely!).
Up until I did the course with Kate Magic I had to be honest never even thought about drinking green juice and had it of been suggested I do not think i would have been interested, or inclined to try it.
The reason it peeked my interest was one of the reasons for drinking it – see my nan had just been through major surgery for Kidney and Bowel Cancer ( she is an inspiration to me and still fighting the disease – go supernan!!)  and so anything that can prevent this horrible disease I want to know about.
The logic behind it is in essence ( as there is so much science when you start delving it blows your mind  !!) a disease needs an acid state within the cells of your body to be able to switch on and then grow the act of drinking green juice sets your body up in an alkaline state – so the opposite to what is required for disease to grow – just like fire , if you remove either heat , fuel or oxygen you have no fire!
In addition to creating a disease free body, it is hydrating , anti ageing , provides a quick easily digestible hit of nutrition.
So the nitty gritty do you get used to the taste – yes it tastes foul when you first start  well i thought it did – but now I now love the taste and I make mine without any apple for sweetness.
Everyones recepie will be slightly different and I dont think  there is any right or wrong – its all a matter of trial and error and very much personal taste.
That said here is the link to my “recepie” – but it changes dependant on what is in the fridge and what i feel like having – there are no rules on this one iots very personal:

Green Juice – the addictive one!


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